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Our company story

“To fully exploit the power of real estate marketing, businesses need to remove the trails of thought"- Trần Đình Thanh, CEO

Award Winning Architecture Agency

Established in 2016, Adbatdongsan is an agency trusted by many real estate businesses.

Specializing in consulting and providing marketing solutions – total communication & advertising services, we have served customers operating in the top real estate in Vietnam.

years experiences


We are creative thinkers, strategic makers, and hard players.

Tran Dinh Thanh


Lead Adbatdongsan to grow and grow stronger through breakthrough innovations, strategic makers, and hard players.

Nguyen Chien


Not only design, Adbatdongsan’s goal is to awaken the value of each real estate project through flawless images.

Kim Yen

Account Manager

Manage communication strategy for each real estate project according to the desired value of clients.

Ken Tran


In conveying the brand’s story through each word, Adbatdongsan wishes to bring communication effects from the most understanding and sincere feelings.



Adbatdongsan strives to bring the best value to customers.

[wr_vc_testimonials][wr_vc_testimonial clientname=”Mr.Hoa – Bossland” button_text=”Via Twitter” button_url=”#” button_target=”_blank” image=”536″]The time to decide to implement this project is quite urgent, within 1 month to prepare all movies, 3D distribution projects are difficult. However, Ad Batdongsan did a good job of the image required by Boss Land. The young team is dynamic but full of experience and understanding of the market, providing useful information to customers as well as the marketing campaign that Boss Land wants. Thank you Team Ad Batdongsan for accompanying Bossland[/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial clientname=”Ms.Thin” button_text=”Via Facebook” button_url=”#” button_target=”_blank” image=”7964″]When I started drawing my project I thought a lot and wondered which team to choose to support me. So lucky, near the date of implementing the plan to find ours a partner, I knew the Ad Batdongsan team, they always listen to what customers want, and deploy it very quickly. I’m very pleased with the enthusiasm and professionalism of Ad Batdongsan. And so, for the past 3 years, they have been our partner on every project large. Thank you![/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial clientname=”Mr.Duy – Hung Hung Thinh” button_text=”Via Myspace” button_url=”#” button_target=”_blank” image=”534″]I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with Ad Batdongsan team. Because choosing a partner with enough love for our products and enthusiasm is very difficult. I’m very lucky to have a chance to work with Ad Batdongsan team, they always listen and support very quickly (24/7). So, the results of the work have exceeded my expectations![/wr_vc_testimonial][wr_vc_testimonial clientname=”Mr.Trung – DIC Group” button_text=”Via Facebook” button_url=”#” button_target=”_blank” image=”78″]I think it’s very difficult to find an Agency that has “heart” and “perceptibility”, because they can help me understand more about my customers, through the communication messages and images that Ad Batdongsan has done. They build impressive products. Besides, they actively propose to make live promotional videos. We always have very good discussions, they can listen and understand. This is the best communication agency I have ever known.[/wr_vc_testimonial][/wr_vc_testimonials]