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dịch vụ sản xuất sự kiện bất động sản

The leading real estate event organizer service in Vietnam is provided by Adbatdongsan with a thoughtful team, exact organizational process, and reasonable cost, bringing maximum efficiency to investors.

In times of fierce competition, reaching a customer is one more opportunity. Therefore, investors regularly organize real estate events to meet many customers, thereby introducing projects and transactions more efficiently. Thus, real estate event services are increasingly blooming. This makes it difficult for investors to choose a place to trust prestige and quality.

Real Estate Event Service Investors Should Choose

Package services

Adbatdongsan believes that all-inclusive real estate events are the best choice for investors. If you use our services, you will receive:

– Free consultation on the process of organizing any event.

– Clear and detailed organizational planning from A – Z in the shortest time.

– Creative ideas, concepts, attracting customers at first sight

– Script, MC events are suitable for each real estate event.

– Implement and monitor the process, promptly edit as required

– Cost optimization.

Prestigious and quality units have substantial resources

In addition to providing real estate event packages, coming to Adbatdongsan you will be provided with the best service, by:

– Ekip performs professionally and is well trained to create practical value.

– Modern machinery and equipment to meet all the needs of customers.

– Finished products are delivered on time, ensuring quality.

– Diversity of support services such as: filming, shooting events, writing event scripts. Standee design, event poster.

5 Types of Events Organized by Adbatdongsan

– Project sale opening ceremony

– The groundbreaking ceremony, the commencement of project construction

– Customer Conference

– Year-end party, cooperation signing ceremony with partners

With abundant human resources and a system of advanced equipment, Adbatdongsan is confident to provide quality and effective real estate marketing solutions for investors across the country. In addition to organizing real estate events, we also bring solutions for photos, introductory films, brand PR and advertising Facebook, Google ads … Contact now for advice!

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