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Flycam 360 Service

Flycam 360 Service

Real estate flycam shooting services play an increasingly important role. Thanks to modern specialized equipment, it captures the whole panorama of a project; Whether it’s a land project or an urban area, an apartment complex or even townhouses.

With many years of experience, hundreds of partners in the real estate industry. Adbatdongsan has a team of professional staff, along with modern equipment. To help you have good promotional products, effective marketing. One of the special technical equipment we currently use is the real estate Drones shooting video recording. More specifically, is the 360-degree real estate flycam shooting service.

Advantages of shooting real estate flycam

Show the whole of the project.

With the scope of the project thousands of times larger than the normal image, customers can imagine the location and the advantages of the project. With Drones 360 device high resolution from 16 – 42 Mgb. Real estate flycam photography service from Adbatdongsan, we will be able to capture many unique camera angles.

Realistic, vivid images

With the high resolution, the image is sharpest and most natural. Besides, with just one picture, but captured in the view a magnificent panorama, showing every angle of the beautiful landscape to every millimetre. Adbatdongsan believes that customers who visit your website think they are present at the actual sightseeing place.

Prestigious real estate flycam photography service in HCM City

Adbatdongsan is proud to be the first unit to provide total professional real estate marketing solutions in Vietnam. The 360-degree real estate flycam service is trusted by many customers for its quality and prestige.

We bring customers unique products, impressed by

  • Capture 360-degree panoramas with high-resolution digital equipment
  • Integrate 2D, 3D images into 360 photos
  • Spatial alignment between images
  • Integrated toolbar controls conveniently.
  • Integrated photo browsing menu corresponding to each scene with instruction diagrams, linking maps together
  • Combining sound, background music, video clips, brand identity
  • Interface design compatible with devices that support flash (desktop / laptop) or html5 (iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry …)

Thanks to real estate flycam photography services, your project will be advertised impressively; create a distinctive promotional style. Modern flycam technology makes sure it is easy to win customers’ trust in the project and investor’s name.

Please contact Adbatdongsan immediately to give yourself a 360 degree Drones experience with the most preferential price for your upcoming project!

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